Trace nearby contacts and check your health symptoms anonymously
The app collects information by sending anonymous location data and helps you see your risk score based on your activity while keeping it low with guidance from the WHO.
Coming soon on iOS.
You can help stop the spread of disease
Take an anonymous test — 10 seconds of your time can save more than one life.
Find out how many times people with signs of illness have been near you.
Find out how many people are like you right now.
Find out which places aren't worth visiting to preserve life and health.
Check your symptoms anonymously and get the opportunity to avoid potential contagion
A reliable way not to get sick and stop the spread of diseases is to not come in contact people who have symptoms. Contact Tracer helps you to find out how many such people are right next to you and how many people with poor health you met in a day.
Share your health periodically
Protect yourself and loved ones
Avoid dangerous contacts. Consult a doctor immediately if they already happened.
Active notification
The app will notify if there is someone around you showing symptoms of disease.
Active self-monitoring could help you prevent the disease and potential spreading.
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